Thin Client in Nigeria

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Thin Client in Nigeria

Our New Thin client comes with dua core 1.2GHZ processor speed, with 512 RAM and 4GB flash.

The RAM can be increased based on your requirement

supports windows xp/7/8/10.



It is nice for Business centers, computer shops, ICT centers and anywhere computer is used.


Thin Client PC Station Terminal  Save money, time, and aggravation

  1. Efficiently share one PC with unlimited users
  2. Dramatically reduce acquisition & support costs
  3. Easy to set up, maintain, and secure
  4. Flexible Ethernet networking
  5. Supports all Windows professional os
  6. Compact and reliable
  7. Energy-efficient (under 5 watts per user)



The mature thin client solution depends on the inner LINUX system , X1 is the newest thin client products that support double-screen display,not only support WIN 7 os remote control without time display issue,but also its working speed was 2 times faster than other usual thin clients.

x1 features

High compatibility! Support all Windows/Linux server

No need to set time and date. Connect with host pc directly!

X1 Working Principle.





Main function

X1 makes the remote connection to the server by RDP 7.0 protocol,it is free to use the software on the host after connection,such as office software,financial software, ERP software,real estate software,airline flight information software etc.

Fast to connect, easy to operate & maintain,  X1 is one green computer that not only reduces the cost of enterprise computer inputs,but also reduces maintenance costs,it meets the corporate office network construction and easy maintenance, and security requirements, greatly improves the corporate office efficiency, provides customers with unprecedented convenience.

RDP7.0 remote connection

High compatibility with windows 7 server,very stable performance,it features a higher security.  X1 thin client connects to windows 7 os server by RDP 7.0 protocol,it unified customer service to each user,and upgrades and maintenance work in one step, make it being “zero” maintenance.

Overview HD big picture

Support most picture formats,such as JPG,BMP,GIF,TIFF,PNG etc,also supports picture zoom and other operations.

High-speed WIFI module

Without cumbersome wiring, more convenient to move, X1W provides users a better network environment.